Ajwan is part of Steenbergs range of specialist spices. Ajwain is a relative of parsley and looks similar to parsley when growing. Ajwain seeds resemble celery seeds - small, tear-shaped and light brown. The taste of ajwain seeds is reminiscent of thyme as they have a relatively high level of thymol in them, the active volatile oil, but then they have slightly sharp, peppery notes that are noticeable and a lingering, warm aftertaste. Ajwain complements the flavors of carbohydrates and vegetables well, but the seeds are deceptively strong so use sparingly until you get the hang of them. Ideal for adding a bit of flavor to savory baking, e.g. cheese biscuits, or lightly dispersed through bread. You should crush them before using them.


As an Indian spice, you could try Ajwain in parathas, puris, bhajias, savory pastries, spicy potato dishes and green beans.