About Us

Our Journey

We started this business back in 2006 and what a journey it has been!   Over the years, our product line has grown and so has our experience. We now offer spices, herbs and seasonings from almost every corner of this world.  One of the most interesting parts of this business is the opportunity to travel to various countries and cultures, to source the best possible product and to make long-lasting vendor relationships.

Along the way, we have been blessed with the support of a very knowledgeable and loyal customer base.  Nothing is more important to us than being able to 'Wow' our customers on a daily basis.    

Equally important to us are the wonderful relationships we have established with the farmers, cooperatives and processors of spices, herbs and seasonings that we sell. Each one of them has a very significant role to play in helping us exceed the expectations of our customers and we thank them for joining hands with us on this journey. 

Whether it is three different grades of turmeric or five different grades of black pepper, we provide an incredible depth and range of spices, which is the cornerstone of our business.   

It is our goal to make Spicemart the  'Taste Capital of the World'.  And we are doing it one spice at a time and having a lot of fun doing it!

Our Goal

Quality is our first, middle and last name.  Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent quality products that shall enhance their cooking experience and we will not stop until we wow them.